The B Resort & Spa at Downtown Disney Springs

“B Enchanted”….and we were!

This being my first stay at this resort I was eager to get there and see what made the B Resort & Spa different from most chain hotels.

Upon arrival we were met by a very knowledgeable and friendly gentleman who could have actually been part of the front desk staff. This staff member answered every question (and I had quite a few), did not pressure us to do valet instead he told us about both options and assured us we could just park there at the valet stand while we went to pre-register.

Arriving at the hotel it didn’t exactly stand out from the other towering hotels on the hotel Plaza boulevard, but as soon as you walk through the doors you get a bit of a sense of the theme of the resort with it’s clean white decor and modern architecture. The lobby’s centerpiece is a Proust Geometica Chair designed by Alessandro Mendini. It’s whimsical colorful fabric plays into the resort’s vision of sophisticated, yet playful design.

As directed we walked over to the check in area which consisted of only two front desk agents. At this point I was glad we had gotten their early as check in was not until 4pm, but the agent was fast and friendly and explained the difference in pricing for the valet and self service parking fees. Unless you stay at a Disney owned and operated resort every resort on property charges a fee to park at the resort including the Dolphin & Swan.  Promising they would call when the room was ready, we went back out to the valet who helped us with our luggage and stored it for us. He took our car to the valet parking area letting us know we could get it out at anytime we wanted.

Meanwhile, we hoofed it to Downtown Disney as their shuttles for the theme parks run during normal theme park hours, but the Downtown Disney shuttle didn’t start until 6:30pm. At this point their is so much construction and not enough parking for everyone that you will either want to walk to it, (they have crossing lights) or take your resort’s shuttle. I would not recommend trying to drive there yourself right now.

While at DisneyQuest our phone rang at 3:30 and it was the front desk letting us know that our room was ready. I told the front desk agent that we were at Downtown Disney and that would take us awhile to walk back. We were all the way over at the West Side. The front desk agent assured me their was no rush and told us to take our time enjoying where we were. And hubby though they wouldn’t call. 🙂

We walked back towards the resort, it was hot and sticky and trying to rain all day and by now I wanted a shower. I was ready to wait in line knowing that their was only two front desk agents, but their was no line. After observing the check in area several times during our stay we saw people at the front desk, but never saw a line. They were quick and efficient and gave us our room number in the tower. I really wanted a shower, so I asked how long before our luggage would arrive? The front desk agent took our claim ticket and said it would be right up, she would go get the valet to bring it right now. I thought, sure I’ll believe that when I see it. But, sure enough we weren’t in the room more than 2 min. when the luggage arrived at the door via a nice valet.

The rooms are beautiful, using a great mix of white to show contrast with bright, rainbow colors.  And our deluxe king bedded room was no exception. It was very spacious and the flat screen tv was very large, (no skimping here.) The tv guide on the tv made it very easy to see find the many different channels.  Their was a beverage cooler with a clear front that lite up when you opened the door, which was also a nice  touch. We immediately added our packed soda to the cooler and hubby’s medicine. Their were two complimentary bottles of water on the desk waiting for us and a array of snacks on a tray with $5 flat-fee so we could “B Treated.”

The room had a comfy love seat over looking the large floor to ceiling windows with high sides, so that when it let out into a sofa bed your face at least should be shielded from the bed for privacy.

The room included a dresser with drawers for your clothes and a desk with a portable phone. But, the room has the smallest closet I have seen in a long time at hotel. I guess they figured most people wouldn’t be bringing a lot of dress clothes and could fold them instead. The closet did however have a safe big enough to put a small laptop or tablet in. Speaking of which if you forgot your tablet and needed to check emails you could borrow an Apple Ipad from the front desk.

The bed was extremely comfy and you could lay on it and lookout through the floor to ceiling glass windows and view your surroundings. It also had a old timey looking phone, which we used just for fun. When’s the last time you actually used a phone with a cord that looked like something a old Hollywood movie star would have in their boudoir?  The phone did seem out of place though from the rest of the art deco/contemporary style design.

The tiled bathroom while huge seemed to have been designed by a man in my opinion. Their was not a lot of counter space due to the contemporary sink (which is a nice modern touch), but their didn’t seem to be enough space under neither it for all of my stuff and then some of hubby’s. He got booted out to the desk area, which also did not have a mirror, seems I would have to share the sink every now and then.

The over-sized tiled/ glass shower could have fit 5 grown adults no joke comfortably. But, the shower head in my opinion would have been nicer as an over head rain shower with the addition of a hand held shower fixture. That would have really put the shower over the top. But, alas their was not even a easy way to shave your legs, no seat, no step to put your leg up on, no nothing. You better be a very bendy woman and thankfully I am.  The shower while spacious and the contemporary bathroom was lacking in my opinion those extra touches to make it “B Outstanding.”

The pool was really nice with a zero-entry section decked by mini splash fountains great for the toddler crowd. The atmosphere reminded me of our stay at Club Med Sandpiper as their were plenty of areas to hang out at around the pool and courtyard area. I did not see the gym or the spa as we had a different agenda for this trip.  But we did notice that adjacent to the pool, their was a un-staffed playroom. As we walked by it looked like it had some board games, a craft table and some other things like maybe a computer and tv to entertain toddlers. It was in use as we did see a couple of kids playing in there.

The B Resort offers a restaurant, outdoor pool bar, and a  small store. The store offered some merchandise, candy, snacks, coffee (we were given a free coffee coupon with our room key as their are no coffee makers in the room), beverages including beer and ice cream. Their was also a Disney store just off the lobby and 24-hour room service. We bought a few snacks from their store and I got a ice cream around 11:00 as they were open until 12am.

I have to say the view from our room really made our stay at the resort. We were able to see the fireworks from both Epcot & MGM Studios. I always strive to see the fireworks while staying on Disney property, so this definitely made my stay at the B Resort special.

Compared to Disney value resorts in the same price range, the B is the clear winner, to me, in terms of comfort, resort style and convenience.

We will “B” returning to this resort!


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