Managing Domestic Air Disruptions

Air travel is not surprising not everyone’s favorite mode of transportation, however with these tips you can manage any issues that may arise.

Security Delays :

With the increase in security measures across international airports, travelers are experiencing hefty wait times going through immigration and customs. So be aware of services like TSA Pre check   
To avoid missing a transfer,  contact the transfer service on your voucher once you land or as soon as it’s been announced that your flight has been changed or cancelled.
Schedule Changes :

Airlines modify their schedules constantly, sometimes your travel agent may send you a new flights schedule. However, most of the time the customer is unaware of how many flight schedule changes may have actually taken place.

If a flight is changed by at least 60 minutes and it disturbs a connecting flight you will definitely get a new flight schedule from your travel agent.  If you have booked your air on your own, check your flight schedule before you leave for the airport.  Call the airline and advise them you noticed the schedule change and ask them to offer alternate schedules that are closest available to the original schedule. 
Missed Flight : 

Purchase trip insurance.  Because if you miss a flight because you arrived late to the airport or don’t show up, the airlines will consider you a no show and give your seat away. The airlines may consider you a “no show” for the remainder of your flights scheduled as well.

Flight Delayed or Cancelled :                                                                                                                                           When flights are delayed or cancelled, we are all at the mercy of the airline.  Discuss your options with the airline representative in a friendly and calm manner; the airline representative is in full control of re-booking your flight.

In closing,  some travel insurance policies may also offer some protection if your flight is cancelled so read the policy details carefully.

Always check for any disruptions before you fly with your airline. Any issues are usually detailed on the airline’s own website or on its social media feeds.

Do you have any other tips? Share them in comments.

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