Say “I Do” To Cruise Weddings

The top 5 reasons why a cruise ship wedding is a great option.

  • Most cruise lines offer a wide variety of wedding packages, ranging from the simple & basic to very elaborate.
  • It’s great for multigenerational families and extended families, because it can accommodate so many different tastes and budgets.  If the wedding couple choices to get married in the departure port that is within driving distance from their homes, friends and family can avoid booking flights. The couple can marry on the ship while it’s docked at the departure port and the guests can depart after the reception, but before the cruise departs.  Or if everyone chooses to sail their are any accommodation options to choose from. While the bride and groom may choose a suite, their friends and family can choose from interior staterooms to balcony staterooms.
  • The wedding couple can have built in honeymoon and still enjoy the romance of of getting married at sea or in a foreign port of call.
  • Cruise line wedding departments also know the legalities involved and what procedures to take place if their is a itinerary change.
  • Cruise lines are open to diversity & Celebrity Cruises in particular offers same sex marriages.

Ready to book a cruise wedding/honeymoon? Contact us at https://www.PrestigeTravelVacations,com

Pictured  here: one of our clients whom had their wedding aboard a Carnival ship.

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