Join The Party In The Caribbean

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Jan. 6th, 2019
Accompong Maroon Festival. This festival marks the victory of the First Maroon War against the British in which they fought for, and won, their freedom more than 200 years ago! This year’s festival seeks to shine the spotlight on the life of the heroic Maroons through singing, dancing, storytelling, cooking and more.
Puerto Rico
Jan. 17-20th, 2019
San Sebastian Festival. The San Sebastian street in Old San Juan becomes wonderfully crowded with artisans stalls, food, drinks, music, crafts. Families will enjoy the parade and other family fun activities.
Mid Feb.-March 5th, 2019
Carnival Season! This is a true something for everyone multigenerational event, where festivities include children’s and adults’ Tumba Music contest, Children’s parade. Horse Parade, Carnival Party for the Elderly, Teen Carnival Parade & election of the teen and adult Kings and Queens.
March 4-5th, 2019
This Mardi Gras-like explosion of color, music, revelry, and creativity includes masquerade bands, spectacular costumes & pulsating music. Some of the festivities may not be suitable for children.
April 19th, 2019
Good Friday is celebrated at Horseshoe Bay Beach by flying hand-made kites of all different shapes and colors. Visitors can join in the kite competition and there is also live music, entertainment, and other activities.
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