Make Travel Your Resolution for the Year Ahead!

Planning a trip can be just as invigorating as the trip itself. So set your sights on new adventures in the year ahead, and give yourself the gift of memories that will last a lifetime! Take a look at the five following ideas to work into your 2019 travel plans.

Time to break the cultural cycle. The United States doesn’t have a strong vacation culture: Many American kids grew up with parents who didn’t receive it or were also too busy to take time off. When those children start working themselves, they don’t know what to do with their time off because they never learned it from their parents. It’s hard to value something that’s never been experienced.

Branch Out to New Places! Try out a few new destinations this year & discover new locations that may not have been on the radar. Somewhere that’s not overly photographed or a place that’s truly off the beaten path.

Learn something new! Travelling is known to change and challenge you.  You are on a constant learning curve as you venture. Although it might be hard at first, you’ll soon adapt to trying new things – even if you wouldn’t try them back home. Travel broadens your mind and pushes you to do the new and not hold back.

Lighten Your Load! Throughout the year, aim to pack lighter than you have in the past when traveling. There is no sense in lugging around a heavy suitcase, especially if it’s a multi-destination trip. Try packing lighter fabrics, mixing and matching outfits to re-wear or finding out if there is an option for valet service or even a way to do laundry while on your trip.

Think outside of the box! A traveling resolution doesn’t mean you need to do an exotic tour of Paris and Rome or bust. You could just spend more time this year on weekend getaways and enjoying your vacation days closer to home.

What’s your 2019 Travel Resolution?

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